Vision of Three

The present exhibition is perhaps a combination of three solo exhibitions of artworks of three renowned Iranian contemporary female painters brought together as a single show. Conceptually speaking, these collections reveal that an identity crisis and a conflict associated with modern life have been the dominant theme and main concern of these artists in creating their works. What constitutes the core of the exhibition, while serving expressionism, is an architectural element. Structural use of “virtual architecture”, injecting it into the form and content of works, which, according to Gilles Deleuze, has a fundamental connection to the concept of womanhood, unravels profound correlation of works of the three artists.

Distortion and defamiliarization of architectural elements and symbols in paintings, based on the Deleuze doctrine, signifies secret feminine aspects embedded in these symbols. The tendency not to stop at the moment and this successive regeneration continue to exist in various forms and in different narrative styles. Distorted urban spaces in Samadi Tari’s works offer a “critical review of hastiness and pure rationalism”. Appearance of ordinary elements and objects in construction projects in Vakili’s works and a display of giant, magnificent structures that would collapse once you approach them, “negate originality of identity”. Architectural plans and strict demarcations on a background of diverse colors as well as an abstract depiction of imaginary gardens call to mind the idea of “protection of memories” in Behbahani’s works. Exploiting a contemporary approach and a feminine language that makes use of virtual architecture deep within, all three artists express a single notion in unison; regeneration at the present moment.

Payam Naser

Date of Exhibition
Starts: November 21, 2014
Ends: January 2, 2015

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