Idealism and Painting

Moslemian`s works displayed in this exhibition include two major and inter-related series. The first series include large portraits of an emblematic sad female face with emphasis on the sorrowful eyes painted against a monochrome background. The second series encompasses more complex painting comprising of abstract and figurative elements, occasionally including the portraits, that are relatively more narrative and suggest cultural and historical references, but certainly having a less romantic impact on the viewer.

The artist`s amazing ability to organize these elements and their creative interactions with the empty spaces result in a sophisticated dialectic of the shapes and the background that is unique in contemporary Iranian painting. The colourful surfaces, drawings and portraits generate more of a metaphoric power than a visual rigor and this obviously hints various interpretations and allusions in the painting. The figures and lyric motifs suggest repeated references to historical memories, related to the icons of different periods or otherwise to certain social and political occurrences. The end-result is an expressionist painting with a tragic content, which offers moving and fascinating visual qualities.

Alireza Samiazar

Date of Exhibition
Starts: April 26, 2013
Ends: June 21, 2013

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