Snow White Abbas Kiarostami

In the present works which include some of the most conceptual examples of the Snow White Series, Abbas Kiarostami, with a constant resistance against the attractions of the nature, chooses apparently simple images in order to allude to metaphysical irony and hybrid metaphors that evidently go far beyond the romantic essence of scenery arriving in a totally imaginary and abstract world. Therefore he enhances the viewers’ vision from a simple naturalistic level leading them to a realm of meanings and symbolic implications beyond natural elements such as snow and trees.

Their content is not meant to glorify the nature like a romantic scene on a post-card; but to indicate the conceptual depth of the universe and our intellectual understanding of it. Kiarostami & narrative seems to address the contradictory aspects of phenomena and their metaphoric powers. Hence, his pictures go beyond the sheer visual impression of a landscape, as in a painting or photograph, and encounter the viewer with the various layers of meaning in the pure and refined compositions.

Date of Exhibition
Starts: February 22, 2013
Ends: April 19, 2013

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